Air Jordan (sometimes abbreviated as AJ) is a line of sneakers and clothing that falls under the American brand Nike. The company was founded in Chicago in honor of Michael Jordan during his years playing for the Chicago Bulls. The original Air Jordan sneakers were created for Jordan in late 1984 and were later released to the public in April 1985. The red and black color scheme of the Nike Air Ship, a prototype model for the Jordan I, was later banned by the then-NBA commissioner David Stern for having very little white color (this rule, known as the "51 percent" rule, was abolished at the end of 2000). Nike, of course, used the ban to their advantage for promotional purposes and the branding of the Jordan sneakers. With the introduction of the Retro Air Jordan line and the brand's well-known collaborations and unique limited editions, it gained recognition among sneaker collectors and remains one of the most iconic sneakers to this day.

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