Nike Air Max 98 - white - Women

The Nike Air Max 98 stands in the shadow of its more successful and earlier-born models like the Nike Air Max 90 or Nike Air Max 95. By the mid-90s, the technology of the air bubble in the heel of sneakers had become so widespread that Nike was releasing one model series after another. The Air Max 98 was meant to be the continuation. However, these sneakers didn't seem as simple to the mass audience as the previous models, and they were embraced only by a true group of sneaker enthusiasts. The Nike Air Max 98 received remarkable color combinations and limited collaborations. The sneakers themselves were more complex, with numerous detailed elements and functionalities that divided the Air Max 98 model into several parts. The Air Max 98 underwent a complete revitalization, with new color schemes and materials introduced for its 20th. Take a look at these amazing sneakers and choose your favorite with us.